IoT Course For You!

Are you a student or working in a company?
Do you want to learn more about IoT?

This is the course for you!

Basics in Internet of Things - course

Understanding what is IoT and hands-on exercises how to program IoT systems using visual programming. Due to the Corona situation, it is an online course. Course duration is 7 weeks and language English. Weekly online lessons with accompanying exercises. You borrow a set of equipment from Technobothnia to manage the hands-on exercises from your home.

Node-RED program: read weather forecast hourly from and present it as a chart on my dashboard.

Course content

  • Introduction to IoT
  • IoT segments
  • Security concerns
  • Overview of wireless technologies

  • Raspberry pi and cloud VPS as IoT platforms
  • Commercial IoT platforms
  • Visual programming in Node-RED for wiring together IoT devices
  • Making your own IoT Dashboard
  • Using MQTT messaging for data sharing
  • HTTP Request methods for data sharing
  • Setting up your own MQTT broker

  • Using smart devices and sensors
  • Using your phone as an IoT location sensor
  • Using pulled data from web pages as an IoT sensor
  • Using social networking in IoT (Twitter)
  • Using instant messaging in IoT (Telegram)

How to register

The course is hold yearly by Novia as an open UAS course (open for everyone). First course was held in November and December 2020. 

Some months before it starts next time you can register at: