VAMK Cases

LoRaWAN Sensor

ERS-lite is a LoRaWAN room sensor for measuring indoor environment. Inside the ERS-lite you will find internal sensors: temperature and humidity sensor. Digita LoRaWAN network moves the sensor data to the Actility ThingPark cloud. From Actility ThingPark sensor the data is moved to myDevices Cayenne cloud. Cayenne cloud have a dashboard where the sensor values can be seen.

Student theses (in Finnish)

Niemelä Niina (2018). Creating an IoT service with ThingWorx platform
“The main aims for this thesis were to establish a basic understanding of Internet of Things and Big Data and to execute a small IoT project using the Raspberry Pi 3. Model B and the ThingWorx platform. The main objective of the thesis was to comprehend the crucial details of IoT and Big Data and to understand more how these technologies could be utilized in the corporate as well as in the consumer market.”

Dirbaz Amir (2018). Iot Control System
“The purpose of the thesis was to implement a remote-controlled socket that works with Arduino and can be controlled via a web browser. The idea was the control the Christmas lights from phones, so it can be easily turned on and off but also it would work as a remote-controlled socket in Technobothnia’s WLAN-local area network.”

Transmitting sensor data in a LoRaWAN network

Miikka Tuomaala, Ville Turpeinen (2019). Transmitting sensor data in a LoRaWAN network
“The objective of this thesis was to study LoRa technology and use it as an element of the Internet of Things. The practical aim of the thesis was to create a LoRa device that transmits the measured data via the LoRaWAN network.”